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NEW!!! shinelife vinyl stickers

Stickers are here!!!

We could not wait to bring you these very sweet, very cool, very unique stickers! Our favorite Shine designs were selected and reimagined as stickers for you to show off your style. 

These vinyl, water/weatherproof stickers are great to put on your car, water bottle, travel mug, bicycle, laptop, cooler, day planner, notebook, toolbox, skateboard, snowboard, helmet... you get the idea. 

The round stickers are 3.5" across and the oval stickers are 5".

Select which sticker you'd like.  

How to apply sticker: 

1) Hold your sticker against where you want to put it before peeling off the backing to ensure that it will fit where you want it to go. 

2) Make sure your surface is clean and dry!

3) Apply when temperatures are moderate. 50F-90F is great and will help them to hold on in any temperature. 

4) Peel off the backing and line up the sticker where you want it to go

5) Start by placing any edge of the sticker on the surface and "roll" it on by lightly pressing it onto the surface in the direction it needs to go until it's all the way on.

6) Give it some additional pressing by rubbing from the center, outward in all directions. If you notice any bubbles, you can use a credit card to slowly work them out by carefully scraping them from the center, outward. 

Tip: Use a hair dryer if you are having trouble getting your sticker to adhere to a slightly curved surface like a car bumper. Get it to lay flat by warming it up with the hair dryer and massaging it into place. 


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