Our Story

Hi, I’m Hilary.  

Mama Shine to four blonde-headed, blue-eyed crazies. I am passionate about big coffees, chunky babies, and OBSCENE amounts of glitter. I snort when I laugh, my teeth don’t meet, I struggle with self esteem, I make mistakes daily, and yet I serve a God who loves me still.

SHINElife is my happy place. My purpose. What began as an after-work / kids-in-bed hobby fueled by chocolate and prayers from our playroom floor, quickly escalated into so much more.

At first, my little "hobby" was an outlet - a very private and personal one. We had endured the sudden loss of our son to Trisomy 13 at 20 weeks pregnant. Two weeks later, I was told I would be unable to have children that survived pregnancy. The rollercoaster of grief and growing of faith that follows a loss and news like that was overwhelming and transforming all at the same time. Somehow I felt like a piece of jewelry would help me stay focused on God’s promises and also allow me to remember and celebrate our son. 

I had a special angel wing design in mind - something discreet to the world but powerful for me. 

That little wing necklace was instrumental in my healing ... and it was noticed by friends. And friends of friends. And friends of friends of friends. So many of them also craved a piece of jewelry that helped them pour out their prayers as they grieved.  

Following the loss of our sweet son, we endured multiple, multiple miscarriages. Remember how the doctors told us I wouldn’t have a child that would survive pregnancy? Well, we were finally pregnant. Then we were pregnant still at 20 weeks. The doctor said we looked good, and we were starting to hope again. 

Then during what I thought was a regular, boring trip to the grocery store at 26-weeks pregnant, I went into labor. We rushed to the hospital where the Labor and Delivery nurses were able to slow the labor momentarily, then grabbed the NICU doctor to "speak with us." He said, "At this point, your baby has less than a 20% chance of survival." 

My heart broke all over again in anticipation of another loss. BUT GOD... 



We serve a God of miracles and our little miracle baby is now as fierce as ever.  And since we’re talking about miracles, we have now been blessed with four baby girls. 

When our miracle baby girl was in the NICU, my best friend - my mama - started showing signs of early onset dementia. At just 60-years young; the healthiest, kindest, funniest soul that shined joy on everyone she met began a 5-year battle with the disease. My sweet mom gained her angel wings in February 2015. This was another major journey through grief. 

But when we grieve, we grieve with hope. This is what SHINElife is all about. 

Through our crazy journey of love and loss and diagnoses and hope, my husband and I have found healing in creating pieces for others that are in the midst of their own struggles. Designing pieces to inspire hope and encourage hearts of others was the perfect way to process our own life – the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly. 

It's not about what we've been through, it's about what God has done with it.

With every design in our SHINE collection, you’ll find a combination of lighthearted personality and emotionally heavy experiences. Many tears have been shed and many prayers have been whispered over the pieces that come from the SHINE studio.

SHINE isn’t just a store loaded with sweetness and sparkles, it’s a community where life is lived, tears are shared, and hearts can heal. 

SHINE allows us to live our faith out loud. To find joy in all things and glorify God in everything we do – through the struggles and tragedy and love and grace. We don’t just love what we do, we love WHO we do it for. 

Thank you for being part of the SHINElife family.

Xoxo, Hilary and Jimmy (and our four miracles)