Hi, I’m Hilary. Mama Shine to four blonde-headed, blue-eyed crazies. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Friend. I am passionate about big coffees, chunky babies, organized spaces, good deals and OBSCENE amounts of glitter. I snort when I laugh, my teeth don’t meet, I struggle with self esteem, love cake too much and running not enough. I make goofs on the daily, yet I serve a God who loves me still.

SHINElife is my happy place. My answered prayer. What began as an after-work / kids-in-bed hobby fueled by chocolate and operating on our playroom floor, quickly escalated into so much more. It was the perfect way to process my life – the good, the bad, the funny and the ugly.

I had found my people and my place.

After a few months of watching what God was doing through SHINE, my husband {now affectionately known as DaddyShine} and I decided to take a huge leap of faith to continue following the path that was unfolding before our eyes – we left our comfortable careers as a marketing manager and a mortgage broker and – Jesus, take the wheel! – jumped in as full time jewelry designers. I know, we thought we were crazy too. It was a very scary step from comfort to the unknown but it’s clear that God was leading us to this place.


Our pieces are handmade by my husband and I in our studio in North Carolina, with the occasional "help" of a babySHINE or two, which you will sometimes notice in the slightly crooked placement of your shipping label or a little extra sparkle stuffing in your jewelry box. Our family has been so blessed to work side-by-side, learning how to function as a family and a business, growing in our faith and finding our purpose - six different, silly but passionate, personalities driven by one desire: to be the light - or find the light - in the darkness.

With every design in our SHINE collection, you’ll find a combination of lighthearted personality and emotionally heavy experiences. Many tears have been shed and many prayers been whispered over the pieces that come from the SHINE studio. When designing our collection, we create and choose designs that will encourage, inspire, commemorate and celebrate. This is why we’re different than mass manufacturers and even other similar small businesses — it’s all about the heart behind the designs.

SHINE isn’t just a store loaded with sweetness and sparkles, surrounded by chunky babies, cake and chocolate… and the occasional butt naked baby streaking by in nothing but their rain boots and a superwoman cape. It’s a community where life is lived, tears are shared, and hearts can heal. Where I give – but more often get – laughs, love and inspiration. SHINE allows us to live our faith out loud. To find joy in all things and glorify God in everything we do – through the struggles and tragedy and love and grace. We don’t just love what we do, we love WHO we do it for. We can only hope that this is clear on our site and in our pieces. Every time we are offered the opportunity to help one person smile in a storm, dance in the rain, or simply feel beautiful and loved, the trials we’ve faced that inspired those pieces prove worthwhile – those pieces become the very pieces that encourage YOU, to shine on.

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