hope necklace

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11:1  This verse was memorized, prayed, cried and spoken aloud by my husband and I continually throughout our years that we struggled with infertility.  Whether you are just beginning your journey with infertility or you’re a veteran, you know that hope is the only thing that keeps you moving forward, against all logic.  When everyone around you may tell you to let it go, the doctors give you bad report after bad report and that little voice in your head whispers “just give up”, a glimmer of hope tells you that God has something in store for you that is bigger than anything you could ever imagine.  And many times, God’s plans are completely different than yours... but please know without a doubt that those plans are always, always better than you could ever imagine.

Hope is claiming God’s promises in the middle of life’s biggest struggles.  Trusting God, even when His answer is “wait”, “not yet” or even “no”. Without the waiting, without pain, without disappointment, we could never truly understand and experience the goodness of an answered prayer, the joy of an unmistakable miracle, the power of blind faith, the healing that comes with giving your brokenness to a God who makes all things new.  

Looking back over the years of enduring loss after loss, our hearts being broken and our faith being tested, I know that God intends to use our story to encourage others.  I wanted to create a piece for anyone who is waiting for an answer from God through an infertility journey or any other hardship that requires a daily reminder that hope springs eternal.  The pearl was the first symbol that came to mind for this purpose… a treasure that literally comes from a wound as an oyster heals itself. Beauty born from pain. I pray that this necklace blesses you on your journey as God unfolds His perfect plan for you.

Dainty 5mm pearl strung on an adjustable 16-18" sterling silver chain.

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