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bee yourself necklace ~ youth

This necklace carries a message that I want to instill in every single girl out there who doubts her perfect God-given beauty, who doubts her abilities, or who doubts that her uniqueness is anything short of a miracle in a beautiful little package.

In a world of peer pressure to be society’s picture of “beauty”, and perfecting-photo filters on every app, it’s so easy to crave that skinnier waist, smoother skin, longer lashes, or wrinkle-free forehead {ok, maybe this necklace is kind-of for me too 😂}. But seriously, in a world where girls are changing everything from their style to their smile, their laugh to their likes, I try to be extra intentional in reminding every day that God's creativity is displayed in each individual just the way He created them, and this should be embraced and celebrated. Emphasize to them just how BEEautiful they are exactly the way they are - and to BEE themselves, because THAT is what makes them beautiful. I hope this piece will be a symbol, a reminder, to so many girls of the same.

The 8mm x 16mm sterling silver bee features yellow and black enamel on its body, and sparkling crystal wings in the shape of hearts. Sterling silver 14-16" adjustable chain included.


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