But God - What does this mean?

"More Than Words: Starting Faith Conversations with Shinelife's 'But God' Necklace"

In a world filled with symbols that are instantly recognizable, it's a challenge to find ones that truly provoke thought and curiosity. For many, faith is a deeply personal journey, often kept close to the heart, a subject touched upon with hesitation, fearing misunderstandings or judgment. But what if there was a way to invite conversations about faith without having to say a word?

Enter Shinelife's "But God" collection.

At first glance, the "But God" phrase may not immediately disclose its depth, and that's precisely its power. Unlike the universal symbol of the cross, which is often immediately recognized and understood, "But God" carries an element of mystery. This collection, particularly the necklace, becomes a bridge, a unique conversation starter that allows wearers to share their faith story organically.

Real Experiences, Genuine Interactions

"I've worn cross necklaces for years," says Jenna, a loyal Shinelife customer. "But it was the 'But God' necklace that got people asking questions. It wasn't just a nod of acknowledgment from a fellow believer; it was genuine curiosity from friends, colleagues, and even strangers."

The beauty of this ambiguity is that it creates opportunities for genuine dialogues about God, faith, and personal experiences. It prompts questions like, "What does 'But God' mean to you?" or "What's the story behind that necklace?" And just like that, you're delving into conversations about faith you never thought possible with people you've just met.

But the conversation doesn't end with jewelry. Shinelife's collection extends to apparel, with the "But God" phrase subtly inscribed on shirts. Imagine walking down a street, and someone stops you to ask about your shirt. "Strangers ask me about my shirt all the time," mentions Mike, another Shinelife enthusiast. "It bridges the gap, making it easier to share my faith story."

The Power of "But God"

It's often said that the most profound conversations start with a simple question. Shinelife's "But God" necklace and apparel are doing just that: fostering meaningful dialogues, one curious glance at a time. In a world where it's tough to talk about faith, let your jewelry and attire break the ice. Experience it for yourself, and let your "But God" moment shine.

Discover the "But God" collection and more at Shinelife.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece is more than just jewelry; it's a journey, a story, a conversation waiting to unfold.

Read some of the reasons why over 10,000 (and growing!) people are wearing the But God pieces: 


"I get so many compliments on my necklace. I put it on the day I got it, and I haven’t taken it off since. It’s a constant reminder that God is always in control." Kristi D.

"I love being a witness for Jesus by wearing my But God necklace." Beth H

"I bought this necklace for a friend and myself. Both of us are going through very challenging life situations and this necklace is a beautiful reminder who is in control of it all. I get many compliments and people ask about it and what it means. My friend cried when I gave it to her and said it's the perfect reminder for her every day. We could not be more happy. It's beautiful and easy to read and stands out from a distance. " Jessica C

"Bought this for a friend. She cried and said it could not have come at a better time. Your mission and message is HEARD & LOVED!" Don H


 "So often in my life I think those words: “But God. . .” Where would we be without that hope? So I treated myself to this necklace to remind me and others of that very hope. Have had several compliments on it already every time I wear it. It’s perfect!"  Paige T

"This necklace is POWERFUL!!!! It is a constant reminder of GOD'S Grace!!! Thank you for creating such a timeless piece." Rochinda

What's your Story?
Shinelife is hard to keep these in stock - we are working hard to grow our reach and get conversations started about GOD. Share your story, your journey, and become a part of this movement.  ORDER from our collection now