"Saved" = The only title that matters

"Saved" = The only title that matters

I like to collect titles, mom, wife, daughter, friend, these are good ones, but I find myself continuing to try to collect more; I have many after my name in an email signature, CAP, BS, MS, CDM, many people may not know what they mean, but those titles after my name, well they must mean I am important, right? ⁣

I have even more titles that I wear like badges of honor, manager, consultant, writer, published author, and I could go on. I tend to collect them, and to be honest, the more I collect, the more important I feel, and the more my chest figuratively puffs up. ⁣

I was recently at the doctor’s office, as we reviewed my medical history and current situation, the doctor asked, “Do you work outside the home?” These are common questions, I guess, for young-ish women. I said yes, and he then asked what I did, I told him, and his response was, “Wow, impressive.” I felt a sense of pride; a doctor was impressed by what I did for a living. ⁣

Later that night, I felt haughty, patting myself on the back, thinking, yes, I am impressive. Look at all I have accomplished; look at all the acronyms after my name! But the Holy Spirit hit me hard and fast, reminding me that on the day I stand before the Lord, every title I ever held will be stripped away. ⁣

God will not look at me and say, “Oh wow, look at you, you managed to be a wife, mom and have all these letters after your name, and you held this important job? Whew, girl, you are impressive!” No, God is not going to say that at all. He will look at me and judge my entire life based on one title, the only title that matters to God…Saved.

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