Custom Engraving - A Special Note

Custom Engraving - A Special Note

A special story from a special customer: 

"Several years ago, our family was going through a rough patch. I was struggling and our son knew it. He was still living at home working second shift while his father and I worked daylight. Often, we didn't see each other until the weekend. One morning I opened my truck door and he'd laid a handwritten note on the seat to remind me that he was thinking of me and things will get better. I'm not a keeper of things but this touched me to my soul. That I was on his mind after a long day at work and he wanted to let me know it was going to be okay. I kept this on my fridge, it's still there today. On June 5, 2022 we lost our son in a tragic accident at 24 years old. He was to get married Sept 24 of this year and left behind not only grieving parents and siblings but two nephews, a niece and a heart broken fiancé. This small handwritten note is about all I have from his older years and it reminds me to keep going. When i reached out to this company {Shinelife} I thought it was a long shot they could do this for me but they did it! I never leave home now without his message. It's like he's still telling me to hang on. It will get better. When the package arrived my husband and I both smiled and cried. It's not just his words but his writing. That's what makes this so special. Every letter, every dot every, slant of the pen was HIS. Thank you from some very broken but grateful hearts."

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