15 Things to Remember While Struggling

15 Things to Remember While Struggling

In the middle of despair, it's hard to remember truth. We want to keep reminders of hope top of mind, but it can be a real struggle when clouds seem to be taking over. 

Sometimes you just need to hear how someone else deals with struggles to help you get through. Here's a list of things to remind yourself of truth during life's hardest moments. 

  • Where I am today is temporary - Jesus is trustworthy with the next chapters of my story. 

  • God will send people to help, let them in. 

  • God does send people that may help us get to the next day. Recognize HIM in others. 

  • Accepting help is not a weakness.

  • Seek your happiness in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart (Ps 37: 4-6).  In ALL your ways, acknowledge him and He will direct your paths (Pv 3:6).

  • Sharing your struggles and pain may not take it away, but you may help someone else who is going through the same thing or similar and, that in itself, can be healing and hopeful.

  • Sharing your pain and struggles doesn’t show others that you don’t have your stuff together, it shows them you are human and that no one leads a perfect life from birth to death. 

  • Your pain and struggle is some day going to be used to lift up others (2 COR 1:3-5). 

  • The sun is going to come up tomorrow no matter what. So when you lay your head down at night, take every worry and turn it over to HIM. Ask Him to cleanse your thoughts and put new ones in your mind so when you wake up, your mind is free to look at things anew. 

  • You are never ever alone no matter how alone you might feel. He cares for you and is always ready to listen. 

  • Your timeline is not God’s timeline. Only HE can see the timeline of our life. 

  • Don’t EVER EVER EVER forget - YOU ARE LOVED. At this moment right where you are - unconditionally and for who you are. Broken pieces and all. 

  • Your JOY has to be separate from your circumstances. JOY does not come from your circumstances and what you are surrounded by - JOY comes from that deep abiding truth that GOD has a plan and you are HIS child and He will deliver you. 

  • Do not think that by changing another person, your life or circumstances will change. The only way change happens is if you change your attitude and thoughts about the situation. 

  • Don’t take your relationships for granted. Don’t expect that what you have today is exactly what you’ll have tomorrow. We are only here for flicker and life can change so quickly - take moments each day to take a deep breath of gratitude and thank God for what you have at that moment - no matter how big or small.

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