worries into prayers necklace

Do you struggle with anxiety?  You are not alone ~ please know this dear friend ~ you are never alone. So many of us in this crazy world experience anxiety at one time or another, but guess what?  God cares for you and will never leave you. Ever. You can count on that.

Lay it down at the feet of Jesus.  He will bring you through and lift you up.  He will bear your burdens.  

“Inspired by one of my favorite cheer friends that battles severe panic attacks, we designed this piece as her daily reminder to turn her worries over to God.  I hope that this necklace helps girls everywhere to take deep, peaceful breaths and find rest in their every day.” ~ Taylor

A light-reflecting opal worry stone hangs on a shimmering chain.  Touch the cross on the back of the stone any time you feel that wave of worry coming on and literally turn those worries OVER to God.

Chain is .925 sterling silver and adjustable at 14 and 16 inches.

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