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rainbow bridge bracelet

Our pets bring a big dose of joy to our family - they always have. Unconditional love, snuggles, companionship, wet kisses when you least expect them, and kitchen clean up crew always when you need them. Our pets have taught us so much and brought so much to our lives, so much so that losing them is one of the most heart-breaking and life-changing events we'll endure. 

There is healing in the story of the Rainbow Bridge. A promise that our beloved pet is healed and strong again, energy and spirit restored, and at complete peace, waiting patiently at the most beautiful place with all of their furry angel buddies by their side, waiting faithfully for us like they always have. Someday, when we're called to heaven, we'll be reunited with our best friends and cross that Bridge together. Our prayer for this necklace is that it brings comfort in the waiting, a reminder of the love that she brought to your life and of the beautiful Rainbow view that he has while he waits for you. 

Over the “Rainbow Bridge” you went. I always knew you were heaven-sent. I cherish our time spent together. ‘Til we meet again, I’ll love you forever.

Dainty 12mm x 10mm sterling silver paw print and heart intertwined on a 7" shimmering sterling silver cable chain.

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