a mom's prayer necklace

One thing I’ve learned as a parent ~ absolutely nothing is in my control.  So what do I do to keep my sanity with four girls who are growing up and I can’t be with them 24/7?  Encircle them in prayer. Big bold prayers, quick prayers whispered as I go through the day, cry out to God prayers when I’m desperate for His guidance.  Many of my prayers include asking God to surround my girls with peers and adults who point them to Him; asking God to surround them with others that follow and love Him. For protection. For help making the right choices, nurturing and encouraging their kind and compassionate hearts. I personally needed a new piece in the SHINE collection for my kiddos to wear as a reminder to seek Godly relationships, and a symbol for this anxious mama of Christ’s protection over my babies. I am so excited about this simple design - a circle of continuous linked crosses (I personally visualize my children in the center, surrounded) - that also reminds me of God’s children locking hands in a circle of Godly example.

.925 sterling circle strung on an adjustable 14-16” sterling silver chain. If a longer length is desired, sterling chain extenders are available.

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