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let them see you in me necklace

Every night, since our kiddos were itty bitty, we have had a very consistent bedtime routine of prayer.  Our prayers have covered a variety of topics through the years: always including thanks for their teachers and friends, gratitude for the health and safety of our family, and our list of other current praises and requests. 

We always close the same way: 

"Lord, let them see You in me. Help me to remember that when I go about my day, I want everyone to meet Jesus through me. I want to love so big and help so much ... so much that people say, 'Hey, she loves Jesus and, goodness, she is pretty awesome ... I gotta get to know this Jesus guy!' Let them want to know You and love You because of the joy that I shine and the way that I made them feel. Let them see You in me. Amen." 

Our family's prayer for this necklace is that you wear it as a reminder to show others who He is in your words and actions and love. A sparkly symbol to wear every day to keep you centered on shining His light and intriguing others to seek it too. 

Dainty and sparkly 10mm sterling silver geometric charm with brilliant crystal on an 18" shimmering sterling silver cable chain.

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