Carolina Strong Necklace - Limited Edition

***THIS IS A PREORDER DESIGN, currently in production with the expected ship date of early Nov 2018. A sweet holiday gift for those affected by Hurricane Florence*** 

News media coverage of catastrophic events can seem like a {tragic} movie we're watching, all wrapped up and done when we turn the t.v. off at night and go to bed.  News anchors show the highlights of events like tornadoes, hurricanes, shootings and then move on to the next tragedy. But when the media coverage ends, that doesn't mean that the tragedy ends~ 
North and South Carolina were ravaged by Hurricane Florence early in September~ a category 1 (downgraded from a 4 right before hitting the coast) hurricane that took her not-so-sweet time over land and brought historic flooding to both states.  Homes have been destroyed, businesses closed down, lives lost.  And for thousands, the journey to rebuilding has only just begun.  Right down the road from homes that were left with barely even a tree branch down, there are tent cities of people trying to survive until government relief comes.  They are in dire need. 
So many tragedies like this break my heart and this one is especially close to home, as my family and I lived in the Wilmington, NC area for over 25 years.  We are now several states away and I want to do everything I can to help the Florence-affected areas.  I am excited to release this new Shine that has been prayed over, cried over and created with love in hopes that we can help that mama who needs food for her children, that dad who is standing in line to receive assistance for his family, the elderly woman who is praying that someone will deliver fresh water to her tomorrow. 
Your purchase will directly assist victims with rescue and rebuild efforts, deliver hope and help make Carolina Strong. 
A .925 sterling silver NC-SC pendant, the coast lined with tiny crystals. The symbolic charm is strung on a sterling silver chain, adjustable at 16 and 18 inches.