butterfly necklace

I believe God created butterflies to bring us the message of hope through trial.  A vibrant, carefree and light-as-air butterfly always stops me in my tracks, makes me smile and look up to Heaven.  I think of the need for change, for seasons, for renewal. I think of the places where I have seen change, transformation and beauty in my life and my loved ones' lives.  I think of God’s mysterious ways of taking an ordinary life (i.e. the caterpillar) and creating something amazing from it. That’s just God’s sovereign way, knowing the beauty that we don’t always see coming.  He’ll never leave us as we are, but He surely loves us as we are. And for that I am so very thankful.

Let this sweet butterfly be your dainty, daily reminder of the beautifully transformed life that God has planned for you, or a celebratory symbol of powerful transformation that you have just experienced!

Dainty sterling silver butterfly, strung on a 16-18” chain. If a longer length is desired, sterling chain extenders are available.

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