You are Loved Bracelet

Boy moms rejoice! These unisex bracelets have ALL the kiddos talking! Our focus with SHINElife began with women and girls, as that’s the life God gave me (hi, mom of four girls here!), but with many of my mom friends having sweet boys, I’ve heard that it’s about time we create pieces that inspire and encourage them as well. Drum roll please... We are so thrilled to finally introduce our stackable, spiritually powerful, totally waterproof SHINE for the boys AND girls in your life!

A message of God’s love to be worn daily in a world that is trying to pull their attention every which way but up. This bracelet is a perfect reminder of God’s unconditional, never-changing love…. a memo to our kiddos that no matter what they are facing, when they are expected to hold the weight of the world without flinching, that it’s actually their Father who is holding everything, including them. Their daily reminder that they are so, so loved exactly who - and where - they are.

Hypoallergenic and tarnish proof stainless steel cross on nylon rope, adjustable closure. Designed to outlast swimming, surfing and showering (or not showering... ah kids, ha!)

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