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Our Angels

end alz elephant necklace

A design to honor and encourage those affected by Alzheimer's Disease. 

There is one thing that Alzheimer's cannot take away. LOVE. Love is not a memory - it's a feeling that lives in your heart and soul. That's what brings comfort - the one you love may not remember your name, but they will NEVER forget the way that you made them feel.

A portion of proceeds from our End Alz Elephant Necklace go to the Alzheimer's Association. The Alzheimer's Association has a vision that humans will never deal with such disease, and have a memory of an elephant - the elephant is the only animal that will never forget anything. We hope and pray that our little elephant necklace will help find a cure to end Alzheimer's, while also encouraging your hearts that the disease will never steal your love. 

925 sterling silver tiny elephant measures approx 15mm x 9mm | Necklace includes a simply sweet 16" + 2" sterling silver cable chain. 




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