Sunshine Bracelet

Boy moms rejoice! These unisex bracelets have ALL the kiddos talking! Our focus with SHINElife began with women and girls, as that’s the life God gave me (hi, mom of four girls here!), but with many of my mom friends having sweet boys, I’ve heard that it’s about time we create pieces that inspire and encourage them as well. Drum roll please... We are so thrilled to finally introduce our stackable, spiritually powerful, totally waterproof SHINE for the boys AND girls in your life!

Life for kiddos today is harder now more than ever - the pressures of competition, academics, peers and society – they are expected to face it all with a straight face. Let this sunshine symbol remind them that the darkness will never overcome the light ~ to keep the joy of the Lord in their hearts through it all ~ and to keep shining their light through any and all of the tough comments or circumstances. My advice to my girls - and it applies to boys of course as well - is to never ever let anyone steal their sunshine. This is their daily reminder to keep. on. smiling and shining through it all.

Hypoallergenic and tarnish proof stainless steel charm on nylon rope, adjustable closure. Designed to outlast swimming, surfing and showering (or not showering... ah kids, ha!)

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