kindness begins with me

It’s all around us ~ bullying, gossipping, abuse. This world can shatter our spirits, leave us devastated and put lies in our minds that there is no hope left, no light at the end of the tunnel.

The big picture says, “you can’t change the world, it’s too far gone”. But what if we start small? What if we could change the world, and what if it is as simple as starting with kindness in our very own day-to-day lives?  Smile at a stranger, talk to someone sitting alone, hold a door, sprinkle compliments like you’re decorating a cupcake! It. All. Matters.

This sweet necklace will be your everyday reminder that kindness begins with you, and the beauty that grows from it can change lives.  A dainty vertical .925 sterling silver bar featuring a flower {change} growing from a heart {kindness}. Bar dangles from an adjustable 14-16 inch sterling silver chain.

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