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but God necklace

Another NEW DESIGN for you inspired by our journey of love and loss and hurt and hope. I pray it encourages your heart! 

A tiny horizontal tag necklace, in sterling or 14k, designed to encourage anyone facing a diagnosis, a “no” when they prayed for a “yes”, or any news that leaves us feeling hopeless - a piece that will motivate us to hang tight because our story doesn't end in defeat. “But God” is the promise of continuation in our journey, carrying us from brokenness to beauty; the promise that He works EVERY thing together for good.

Over the past few years, I’ve said “We miscarried, but God...,” “The doctors said this, but God...,” “We lost my sweet mom, but God...,” “We’re still waiting on this and that, and gosh that hurt, but God...” and so many more - each time with amazing and miraculous and beautiful outcomes that I couldn’t even dream of. I pray that, when you face defeat or heartache, that this necklace will remind you to say with confidence “But God isn’t done with this yet.” And for those of you that have experienced a “But God” in your life, I pray that this necklace allows you to share that story - that hope - with all of those that He puts in your path.

Tiny sterling silver But God tag measures approx 0.75" wide by 0.5" tall. | Includes an adjustable 16" - 18" shimmering sterling silver cable chain.


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