Ok, y'all. I'm gonna get serious for a sec to tell you about a cause that is near-and-dear to my heart: the Give Grace Campaign. An initiative to help one sweet mama, and {so I pray} many MANY more. Many of y'all comment on how blessed we are to have four healthy little girls. And you don't know just how right you are. Over the past nine years, we have endured a series of pregnancies and losses: second trimester labor and loss of our only son, a rush to the emergency room to learn that we had lost our twins just weeks after we heard their heartbeats, hospital bedrest and modified bedrest, and loss after loss after loss. In between the struggles, though, we were blessed with strength - throughout our 16 pregnancies, we were blessed with four healthy girls, and 12 angels. Each placed in our life at just. the. right. time. Each a very unique and powerful piece of our story. After the birth of our first born, Taylor, we had our first miscarriage. And our second. And our third. It was then that we learned that I was born with a very rare genetic condition that makes having viable children "nearly impossible," they said. But with having Taylor here and healthy, we knew it was possible. So we continued to try. And we continued to endure loss after loss. My sweet mom and dad, "couldn't bear to see us endure any more loss," and so they gifted us with enough funds to seek professional fertility help. With the fear of causing harm to my physical body, we agreed to visit with the fertility group. After learning of my "condition", all forms of fertility treatments were ruled out ... except for the bid daddy: IVF. Desperate to fill the void that I knew existed in our hearts and our home, we went through with it. Round 1 cultivated 20 eggs, 2 of which were viable. Neither one survived. Heartbreak. Defeat. Poor. And then a miracle. The doctor called and offered to try again "because there was just no reason it shouldn't have been successful". The procedure was WAY out of our tiny budget, so when the words "At. No. Cost." came out of the doctor's mouth, our jaws dropped. Round 2 cultivated nearly 30 eggs. Only 4 were viable. One of those stood out though. The doctors said it was growing at an outstanding rate. That one, is our now 5-year-old defeat-all-odds Aubri. Aubri has proven time and time again that she is the face of a miracle. She's special, that one. After Aubri, we quickly and easily became pregnant with Keely Grace. After Keely, we decided to use the remaining embryos in a 3rd round of IVF. Successful at first, but we lost our twins. Just one month after we lost the twins, it was time for the welcome surprise that is BabyShine. It was then that I finally felt a sense of completion. A big sigh at the end of a brutal but beautiful journey. give-grace-blackLet me be totally clear: fertility assistance is NOT for everyone. Your faith with be tested and your heart will be hurt by disapproving strangers {or worse, friends}. It is emotionally draining and absolutely exhausting for anxious minds {that's me}. It is also one of the most heart-changing, eye-opening, faith-building experiences I have faced. Fertility assistance isn't right for everyone. But it was right for us. I ordered this {uber comfy} shirt to support the Give Grace Campaign. I'm sharing my story to help give insight to an aspiring mom's journey, with hope that the campaign KICKS. BUTT. and at least one more mama can bring joyful closure to a trying journey. Grab a shirt for yourself, or simply read more about the Give Grace campaign here.