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In the Bean Time

September 28, 2015

In the Bean Time

So I'm struggling with the inner perfectionist as I try to say "I'm ready" with this new site. Because y'all, this is still so crazy! We started this thing with an Excel spreadsheet and a few orders from Facebook friends. Laying on our bellies at midnight in our tiny kitchen after a long day at our "real jobs", eyeballing necklace designs by balancing our chin on the tile floor, hammering words into metal. {I tried sticking the doormat under the pieces sometimes, to try not to wake the tinies. But that made the hammer bounce and hit my face. I've always been so graceful} ANYway. I ran across this paper today and it brought me back! This is our official LLC, created simply so we could be all "legal" with the whole "pay-your-taxes" thing, named when we thought we'd always be a tile-floor-bound-no-one-will-ever-ask-our-name-business. Yeah. Now we go to banks and to trade shows and business meetings where people wear real non-legging-clothes and there all like "Aw In The Bean Time, that's cute. You make coffee beans?" "No. I *drink* coffee. We *make* shiny things." And then I have to explain how in the world we came up with In The Bean Time, LLC when we were just making jewelry. BUT. As much as I love me some coffee, it has nothing to do with that  My precious mom and dad called me {Hilary} "Hil-a-beans". Which was shortened to just "Bean" as I grew up. The ones that loved me most called me (some still do) Hil-a-bean or Hilly or Bean. So since our "business" was operating in the time between "real jobs" and raising babies and living life, the husband suggested "In The Bean Time, LLC". 

So, now we need to add sparkly coffee beans to our collection and, the next time someone says "Aw that's cute, you make coffee?" We can just say "Yes. Yes we do."
XOXO, Bean 

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