Because I need you to know that these are not just sparkly necklaces - these are people. with stories. that make our world so.good. One of my very favorite people is this mama right here. Sandy is crazy {like the she-has-4-kids-too kind of crazy}. she is so so smart {runs a household AND a business like.a.boss}. she delivers chocolate sea salt almonds and homemade-knock-you-to-your-knees-mac-n'cheese to my doorstep when she knows I need it most {always serving others} and she has perfect hair {always annoying}. But seriously? She's one of those girls that mamas can look at and easily say "She has her stuff TOGETHER." Before I knew her well, I was so intimidated by her seemingly perfect world. And then somehow my totally imperfect self; the-crazy-girl-with-a-not-top-knot-AKA-"dog-on-her-head"-that-doesn't-even-know-how-to-turn-on-an-oven self became friends with "that perfect woman." And my eyes were opened to the mama I admire MORE than the perfect mama I thought I wanted to be. The one that does get hurt - but falls on bible studies for strength. The one that does make mistakes - but invests her heart and makes it so right when she does. The one that has endured more than her fair share of trials - that you wouldn't otherwise know simply judging by the literal pep in her step {she has so much happy energy that she seriously HOPS, you guys}, and that smile on her face. This girl has been through so much - like the loss of her brother, Matthew, a few years ago - and I admire her perspective She's a sweet, serving soul that has taught me - and my family - so much. Making SHINE for people like Sandy help Jimmy and I feel like we're able to give back just a tiny fraction of what she - and you - give to us. "Thank you so much Jimmy and Hilary for this wonderful piece of jewelry that I will cherish forever. Matthew's signature and numbers in his handwriting taken off of a school project we saved gives me a piece that I can wear to remember him always." ~ Sandy Necklace front, in her brother's handwriting: Matthew 28:20 Necklace back: {And surely} I am with you always {to the very end of the age.} My heart is full, Hilary