I say these words to myself on SO many days, for so many different reasons. As a note-to-self when { impatiently } waiting for a prayer to be answered, as a breath-in-a-paper-bag when chaos seems to rule the day, as a desperate plea when my kiddos seem to grow too fast, and - this morning - I'm praying these words because I woke with renewed clarity that I can't do this season alone. { We really shouldn't do ANYthing alone, but there's some days where we finally smarten up, open our hands and let Him grab us to walk us through - I've been clenching my fists for too long, thinking I can, in the words of my 3-year old, "do it myshelf". } Missing my mama something fierce the past few days - for no specific reason other than missing her face, her hilariousness, her ... being my mom ... funny how, now matter how old you are, you always need your mama. None of my human-attempts are helping to cope or heal my sad heart today, so I repeat these words as a command-to-self-surrender. Because, as hard as it is to find them or make them, it's the quiet places, the still moments, where we find what we need. We can't look to the outside for healing, fulfillment, or affirmation - how crazy are we to think that? Because we have the Living God inside us, we have all that we need. Read that again. We have ALL that we need right.here.inside.us. We only need to be still. Be. Still. And know that He is God. xoxo, Hil