Random, Schmandom

August 31, 2015

Random, Schmandom

You guyssss. I say this all of the time to the husband but I don’t think I’ve ever said it here. We started doing giveaways a looooong time ago as a way to gift one person each day and lift their spirits through a little sparkle. It was fun. Now, it's just plain freaking { excuse the potty mouth ? } amazing. So, as y'all know, we use a random draw system - the stories shared made it impossible for me to choose “the one" deserving winner each night. I tell you this, though: there is NOTHING random about it. I have seen it again and again - “the one” drawn is always “the one” He { ? } intended to receive the gift on that exact day, at that exact moment. There’s too many “coincidences” to explain it any other way { keep reading }. I truly believe that God’s hands are all. over. this stuff. So listen to this one. Rhyl from Rosemount, Australia won our handwriting necklace giveaway a few weeks ago. Here’s her message to us just after she saw the announcement: "So many emotions. Today is the anniversary of { her daughter } Kari-Lee's double lung transplant. Tomorrow is her birthday. I miss her so much - words could NEVER describe it. This gift will be a special "piece" of her that I can always keep close. Again thank you so much.” Goosemountains, right?! His. Perfect. Timing. Ok so we made a 2-sided necklace, one side with “I love you so much!  Kari” in Kari's handwriting, and the other side with Kari’s handwritten notes you can see here. We added an extra mermaid charm because, after talking to Rhyl, we found out that Kari-Lee “LOVED mermaids”. So now the necklace has made it’s way to Australia and I just got this message from Rhyl, "My beautiful handwriting necklace arrived safely and I'm wearing it always. It is so precious to me to have the handwriting of my daughter who had to leave too soon. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my prize.” Shew. Does it get sweeter than that?! I don't think so ?. xoxo, Hil

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