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Monday Motivation

August 24, 2015

Monday Motivation

Ok I don't know about y'all, but Mondays don't usually bother me. I don't wake up with the ? face or the need to crawl to my coffee pot. It's just another day. I get up, and go with the "Lets kick today's butt" mentality. But this morning was kicking MY butt emotionally. Ya'll have these mornings, right? The kind where you know you slept with jaw clenched and teeth grinding {me: ??the husband: ?}. Where, when you wake, every single one of your stresses is jumping on your chest and screaming like the little angry emoji ? in your face? This morning I couldn't shake the feeling of "WHY is this (and this and this) happening?" My storms were ALL raging. at once. and knocking me down to my knees ... where I saw this quote. And ... YES. It hit me. These stresses aren't to bring pain and destruction, they are to bring clarity and cleanliness. They feel brutal, yes. But they are necessary. This (and this and this) will pass. And when it does, it will be GOOD. And I will be BETTER. The overwhelmed-and-scared Hilary has been replaced by the take-a-deep-breath-and-just.keep.swimming Hilary. I hope these words help you as much as they did me. My storms have officially lost their power today. How about yours? #wegotthis #mondaymotivation xoxo, Hilary

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