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Team SHINElife

June 01, 2015

Team SHINElife

Every day, magical things happen behind the scenes of SHINElife. We couldn't do it without some very important people, and it's important to us that you know each of these sweet ladies! Meet Erica. Mama of two. Hilarious and wildly intelligent. One of the most tender-hearted and encouraging women I know. The most awesome laugh and the coolest style. Mermaid at heart. Coffee enthusiast. Fav animal: unicorn. Fav color: glitter.If you have ordered in the past 12 months, you know Erica. She answers and solves Shine email questions, and listens and encourages Shine fans.

Then there's Krista. She loves coffee, creativity, glitter, a good emoji sequence, and being a mommy { to twins! } I met her crazy self at the ad agency where we both worked after college. Fast forward 10 years and she now has her own successful firm, and is a huge asset to Shine. If you see a good Shine sale, thank her - she helps with that! If you win a giveaway, thank her - she coordinates those! If you have any ideas as to where you'd like to see us grow, tell me - she'll help us with that! Please cheers your coffee to mama Krista this morning - we are so blessed by her! 

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