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Monday All Week

December 16, 2015

Monday All Week

On the first day of Christmas, my true loves gave to me: 15 minutes of not wanting to get up for school, three class projects due by Friday, and one angry venting call from the hubs… in a pear tree. The day had started out so great! I had wrangled my Little Orphan Annie/ brillo pad / stuck my finger in a light socket mop of curls into a semi-cute hairstyle and was 10 minutes EARLY for my day job. { In yo face, Monday! } But then everything after – the class projects, the Oh-by-the-way-I-signed-you-up-to-make-banana-pudding-for-tomorrow comment from the kids, the call from hubs – that landed square in my lap and I was stuck dealing with it for the rest of the day.

My friends’ days were even worse. One started the coffee pot without a mug under the spout. One had to ground her teenager from the last banquet of his senior year that was oh-by-the-way just a few hours out. Not cool.

Fast forward to Tuesday – the second day of Christmas – where my true loves gave me lost field trip money, finger-pointing, blaming, lying, and a no-he-did-not text from the hubs about school, ALL of which happened before 7 am... in that same stinking pear tree. Could it be that I had two stinking "Mondays" in a row?

I was all, “in yo face, Monday!” and Tuesday whipped its head around like, “You talking to me?” It sure was looking like a whole 7-pc set of Mondays was heading my way.

Then I get the call. The one that says, “Fix this NOW.” Because I am the fixer. The fixer of 4th grade drama, the fixer of supper, the fixer of math homework problems worked incorrectly, and just about everything in between.

You see, there is this invisible weather gage inside my house. If the gage is set to sunny, everything is shining, supper happens on time, the laundry is clean, folded, and put away. Butterflies are literally flying around our heads and we are bursting into song. If it’s set to stormy, I probably arrived late for something, or someone is flunking 4th grade, and one or more children were grounded, sent to time out, or lost their allowance for the week. Let’s not even talk about cloudy weather or the occasional lightning burst where the children are sure mama’s head is popping right off…

Let me tell you a little secret about the weather gage in our houses, ladies. We all have a gage, and believe it or not, we all control the gage.  If that gage creeps up on the stormy setting or stays there too long, we have the power to completely transform the environment around us. To be clear, I’m not talking about putting on a happy face when life is crumbling around you. I’m talking about purposefully setting the tone for your home, and to take it a step further, for your life. When the hubs calls to say, “this weather gage is way out of control, and I need you to move that dial back to normal and” we step in and do that thing that only we can do. We take the reins, fix the boo-boos, turn off the lightning bolts, and make it all better. SHINEfamily, God gives us this amazing gift – how can I even put it into words?  We have an enemy that is always ready to send us “Mondays.” We have an enemy that battles for our children, and heaps unimportant poo on our laps to distract us from the important things. But then we have this really great gift that reminds us despite the Mondays and in spite of the poo, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” (Philippians 4:13) and “after you have suffered a little while, Christ will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” (1 Peter 5:10) We’ll have bad days. But they don’t have to control us.

We are reminded in Proverbs 14:1 of the power we've been given.

The wisest of women builds her house, but the foolish woman tears it down with her own hands. ~ Proverbs 14:1

We can build up our families, restore life, heal hurts, and conquer our days based on how we have our gage set. Likewise, we can drive wedges, hurt feelings, and overwhelm our souls if we don’t realize that our weather gage is off (or that we have one to begin with). All it takes is a little conscious adjustment of the dial to set things back in order, a little infusion of grace and joy. Maybe it's not so much about pointing that weather gage to sunny as it is about pointing it to the son - the giver of grace and joy. That. Let's do that.

You can do it. We got this.



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